Mattijs with Summer Feelings

Features: Mattijs lasoreI had a really nice summer this year not the best because of my knee injury in Naxos but I still tried to make the best of it... after being almost one week in Naxos I injured my knee with a pretty big shaka crash... We went to the hospital and the dokter told us I couldn't surf anymore for one more month so I was super angry because probably I couldn't surf anymore for whole the summer so the days went by untill 3 days later I took the bandage of and tried to surf again it didn't go super good but I was happy to be on the water so after 1 hour gybing and stuff... I stoped and rested my leg again and each day I surfed one hour more and now my knee is almost perfect again.

About my upcoming event In Croatia, I really hope to get a top 3 spot witch will be very hard... I always would like to go for the title but I know that with al these talented kids it's almost impossible...

Movie New Life

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Riccardo Marca with new tricks + STRETCHING tips from this summer at Sardinia


Hi guys,
This is my new video.
I filmed it this summer in the little island of Sant'antioco, Sardinia.
I called the video " new life" because this year i'll live and study here , in Sant'antioco, for training windsurf all the year, also in the winter time. I'll stay with my best friend Giovanni Passani.
This is the start of a new life for me.
Enjoy the movie! Riki I-988


tl_files/pics/members/makanistamp2whitemin.jpgMakani fins Supports The 2013IFCA Pro Kids, Youth and Junior Championships at the Sosh Freestyle Cup presented by SONY, Marseilles France

The Name Makani is of Hawaiian origin and the meaning is Wind. The fin company is based in Canada and was created back in 2010 with the aim to start making better weed fins than the existing fins on the market. Today a lot of time is spend on R&D, not only on slalom fins but also for all the line up used by every day sailors. 

The fins suitable for kids depending on their level and wind force are the KOI fins in 16-18-21. The 18 and 21 are also available with a thick profile for light winds. They also added a 15 cm weed KOI that spins great and is super fast. 

How to get one: Makani is now working with worldxtreme in Holland to distribute the fins. You can also get the fins online at at low shipping rates. They will also add a special PROMO CODE on the website  - prokids - and offer FREE SHIPPING on the freestyle fins. 

Brand Manager quotes: We are stoked to be part of the pro kids event and to invest in the future of windsurfing. These guys keep the sport alive and get the sport seen by other kids as well. Ruben contacted us to sponsor the event and as soon as I read his email I was all in. It’s great that there is a kids tour and there should be one for slalom too, we would for sure be part of it as well. Makani will support As long as MAKANI exists.  

Thanks to Ruben Petresie to introduce us to the freestyle pro kids tour and a shout out to Pro Windsurf La Ventana for the development of the super KOI fin.  

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